So, after a very long pause on the blogging front – I’ve decided to give it another go.  The theme is still the same as before, just with a little extra oomph.

I’m turning over a new leaf because I’m sick of the old me.  Same stuff, different day.  Over the next few months I want to explore how to get balance back in my life.  Currently juggling two kids, 1 in prep and the other in Kindy.  I work part-time for my mother-in-law in the real estate industry, books for hubby’s business, Vice President of the Kindy Committee, tuck shop committee, Avon lady…..

I’m sure there is more.  As you can imagine, like most mums, I’m on the run from morning till long after the kids are asleep.  So, the goal is to perfect the juggling act as much as possible while still maintaining ‘Me’

wish me luck!



Before kitchen photo


I forgot to take a pic after it was done (I will do it tomorrow) but, this is what it looks like after afternoon snacks, husband home and dinner prep…


I did manage to get the rumpus room done, top to bottom though.

Oh well, as always, there is tomorrow to try again.


The tittle says it all. 7am, the tornados – oops, I mean kids – are still sleeping. I’m drinking HOT coffee for a change and contemplating my daily tasks.

Every day I try to write a list of things I need to do. I’m doing my part for the environment because I’m using paper that has stuff printed on one side already…see, I can be green too.

1. Take one stack of paper cluttering your desk.
2. Tear each sheet in half so you have two A5ish size pieces
3. Keep them all together with a bull clip, and you’re done!

How easy is that 😛

Now this ‘notebook’ usually becomes clutter too. It spends it’s life on my bench, the kids steal it, hubby steals it or I just put it in a random place and can’t remember where. I blame baby-brain for the last scenario…can I still do that when my youngest is almost three???

With notebook in front of me, I jot down all the things I have to do that day. Broken into three categories – Clean Wash and cook

Clean – has the obvious listed, kitchen, lounge, dining…blah blah blah. This may seem redundant to some people, but to me it’s not. Writing it on this list, keeps me accountable with no excuses for it not being crossed off by the end of the day. It also shows at a quick glance what I’ve already accomplished and what I still have left to do. This way I know if I can squeeze in a quiet coffee or chat with a friend without too much stress or quilt.

Wash – Mt Washmore and Mt Foldmore are always looming in my laundry. As you can see in the photo I posted earlier of my laundry, it’s quite large. This is good AND bad. Good because I’ve got room to swing a cat ( or a child ) in there… Bad because with a folding bench that big, it holds three weeks worth of clothes and every single towel I own…and I own a lot of towels for some reason.

Lastly, Cook- this is generally what we will have for dinner. Only because I will need to take something out of the freezer. I love baking and I’m damn good at it but I despise cooking, with good reason. As a child of two working parents and a reeeeealy lazy older brother, I’ve been cooking the family meal every night for over 20 years already, and I’m only 31. The majority of people I know, only reach that milestone anywhere between their 15th and 20th wedding anniversary. Lucky them. With two small kids underfoot, working and everything else I do, my mealtime inspiration is lacking, and right now, I don’t have the time or patience to try new things. So that’s another thing to add to my mounting To Do list – try new recipes.

So, below is today’s list…we’ll see how far I get. You may notice I have ‘put sewing away’ on my list. I HAVE to do this, my machines have been sitting on my dining table since before Xmas. I told you I was a master procrastinator :-D.



To be sung to the tune of The Muppets

Its time to pick up toys again
Its time to set things right
Its time to clean the house before hubby gets home tonight.

Its time put on washing
Its time to find that smell
Its time to pull out rags and clean those things right.

Why do we always do this?
I guess we’ll never know
Its like a kind of torture
To have to clean this mess

I should be getting started
Why don’t you get the dishes started?
Its time to get things started
In the most lacsidasical
This is what we call The Daily Grind!

First things first…COFFEE!

After struggling to fix time stamps into the late hours last night, I’m a little drained this morning. However, that’s not going to stop me. With my techno-tardness seemingly fixed, my mission today is Mt Washmore and Mt Foldmore.

That’s right…Laundry.

I HATE it. And judging by the size of my folding pile, I think our clothes are breeding, just to taunt me. I could have sworn we threw out piles of clothes last week. I know, I know, I should have donated them. But frankly, I’m still in the ‘too lazy to bother’ category. We’ll work on that part later. Right now, if it is in my too hard basket, it’s going in the bin.

As soon as I work out how to post pics from the iPad, I’ll show you the epic adventure I’m on.

See you soon,



do·mes·tic·i·ty (dm-sts-t)
n. pl. do·mes·tic·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being domestic.
2. Home life or devotion to it.
3. domesticities Household affairs.

I am a wife, mother, pet owner, employee, property owner and a business owner and when it comes to all things domestic – I am a proud procrastinator. This year, my New Years Resolution is to tackle this whole “Domestic Goddess” thing I keep hearing about. So join me on a journey into the great unknown, as I try to find my Domestic Groove…